a few years Ago, the colleagues of the “Titanic” had a rather macabre idea. “Fit for death”, as they called an edition of their satire magazine. Pictured is a Couple, both beyond seventy, in close working clothes and Walking-sticks right moving awkwardly over a Meadow. Now should not be discussed at this point about the Humor of the “Titanic”, but, regardless of an outdated notion of sports and its Use is in the title.

For those who want to make only “fit for death”, you would have to actually ask if he should use the time before death is better. It’s not about that. Long been scientifically proven that sports and exercise to promote in every Phase of the life of the health. Tighter muscles and more blow have harmed never. And the Good news is, as a rule, the positive effects do not come about only after years of Training. After a few months of regular Trabens also a previously untrained body is able to go Jogging for an hour, slowly, but without Pause. This not only creates a good feeling.

A new social space

more and more older people, and also to strengthen muscles and circulation. Of course, some have driven you have always been sports; why should you avoid in age to a cherished Hobby that keeps you also fit? But also Older, which have made your life a bow to treadmills and weight bars, to discover fitness classes and studios. The Sport at the same time, a new social space opens up, is for many at least a pleasant side effect.

The new year is the right time to prescribe more movement. The must not take place at the leg press and the Lat-train. But every now and again take the stairs and not the Elevator, once a month with the bike to work, for each short-the car route, several times a day from the Desk, get up and briefly walk around, the weekend for a longer walk – all this is easily possible. And any excuse is nothing more than an excuse.