The seksschandaal earlier this week, broke out in the Wallonia-Thimister-Clermont, close to Verviers, is not without consequences. Via WhatsApp were two of the naaktvideo the round in the clubhouse of a local soccer club are included. One of the players was in the meantime dismissed by his employer, and the public prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into the facts.

In the first video we can see how a woman is on all fours in the cafeteria of a football team in La Minerie, a eersteprovincialer hide. She was naked, and crawl in the direction of one of the players on the team, in special to its nature. In the second video is even more explicit things. Seven players on the first team were said to be present. One of the players, a doctor, would have, meanwhile, been dismissed by his employer, the sign-Sudinfo.

Photos: RR

At first glance, it seemed as though the women of all acts of conscious and are willing to put it, but the mother of the young wife ministered to this week, however, the complaint in which the public prosecutor’s office a criminal case was opened.

“It is clear that the management of the club has greatly shaken by this case, it was the Wednesday when Was Simonis, the advocate of the football club. “The club will try to today and all the players can be identified.”

the Two players have already been identified. “There have been sanctions taken against the two players, the one with the girl who asked it, but it is also the person who was shot,” says Simonis. “It’s going to be single and in sports punishment.”