the most best equipped intensive care places can become very shortage of new country outside, if the corona virus will spread in the new earth freely to other provinces.

therefore, the movement of the new earth, the rest of the country are prohibited for a three-week. Only essential travel is allowed.

Elsewhere in Finland, people living in in relation to older and sicker than in uusimaa. It is a risk. The corona virus has taken until now of retirement age worse than the young, and basic healthy. It is likely due to the fact that the aging body’s resistance deteriorates.

If the elderly or chronic disease patients into intensive care, it is good that there is enough treatment places. That movement restrictions on attempting to influence, even if they touch they constitutional our rights. The less seriously diseased, the better care patients receive.

Simulaattorissamme you can compare the spread of infection in two different situation. Second people the limit the movement and the second little limited.

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this Example is a simulation, so it does not correspond directly to a single hospital district intensive care places. The principle is however the same everywhere.

the Average patient spends in the icu for three days (you move to another service). The corona virus in the situation is another: the more seriously affected patient care hospital discharges in the hospital are long.

the constitutional law committee chairman Johanna Ojala-Niemelä recalls on Wednesday evening on yle’s A-studio, that one of the corona virus patient in intensive care can last up to two to three weeks.

One of the corona virus patients may take, so up to seven other patients in the place. Ojala-niemelä, for example, Lapland central hospital has a total of nine intensive care place.

He appealed to the finns that the south of the finns to travel north to the cottage for easter to spend. If used badly, it is better to be at home.

the Case is made in collaboration with the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK’s. NRK’s team: Anders Hofseth, Ståle Grut, Lene Sæter, Andre Håker, Renate Rognat, and John Odland. NRK’s story on the same topic you can read here (you move to another service).

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