The 5 most important gambling companies have shown themselves to be willing, no more advertising on radio, tv and in the papers, on the condition that the government has clarity on what the government and the sector plan. The companies will also demand that the state-owned National Lottery, with the same rules.

in The private sector in our country has already been up for a while he walk away. Experts are warning that the ever-increasing demand and the aggressive advertising and marketing tactics to the players, guides, and more of compulsive gamblers will come. During the last world cup, there was such a big song and dance about the énorme amounts of gokreclame about voetbalkijkers was poured out, even on the public broadcasting system.

The 5 most important gambling companies well – known to the general public, because they have all of the T-shirtsponsor a first-rate-football – pass are now in a remarkable mea culpa.

“We are aware of the over-presence of the kansspelreclame in the last few years,” he says, With Erasing, the chief executive of the Liege casino Ardent, and is also the president of the sector federation BAGO.

In exchange for a well-toekomstkader they are, therefore, prepared, as from January 2020, no more advertising on tv, radio and in the print media. “There’s circulating today to politicians to propose to the sector, substantial constraints on them. However, these are not realistic, and it won’t work. If we want to address, however, is not listened to,” adds Tom De Clercq on, president of the Napoleon Games. For the avoidance of doubt the online advertising would she, however, maintained, “or we will be blown away by the illegal market.”

now, The gambling companies want the government to also provide more clarity on what the National Lottery is able to, and may, after the sharp criticism from the ceo Jannie Haek, that the private gambling companies to be an “gokwoede” among the people and have taken care of.

“What we find is that the government and the private gambling companies, many of the restrictions imposed by both the level of play in advertising, while the National Lottery which is also gambling to offer – there are rules-have nothing to wear,” says De Clercq. Among others, the N-VA, claimed recently that the National Lottery is the more “ethical advertising,” was, to which the party is everything to slogans such as “become outrageously rich.

the National Lottery is not subject to the impression of being criticized, because they say that products that are far less addictive than that of the products of the private gambling companies. The state-owned company stressed that all campaigns are subject to a code of ethics and advertising.

The private sector is also, with its self-imposed ban in order to anticipate what is coming. A few months ago, said attorney general john Koen Geens (CD&V) at the beginning of this summer, more stringent rules for the gokreclame promulgated inspired – that is, “a continuing deterioration of the gokreclame is required, of which a total ban is not an option”.

the Man, however, “he kansspelwetgeving in the next legislative session, in that sense, it also wants to reform them, to find in me an ally,” said the minister on Sunday.

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