Second wave of the pandemic – Beijing is coughing and has a fever again


Second wave of the pandemic – Beijing, coughs and fever wiederDer new Corona outbreak is coming China’s leadership inconvenient. Now, in the control arm and the fish sorted out, especially those from abroad.Christoph Giesen from Peking1 Kommentar1Die pandemic is not yet over: residents of Beijing are, to get tested, after it came to a new outbreak. Photo: Thomas Peter (Reuters)

There are now 137 confirmed cases in Beijing. As the health Commission reported on Wednesday morning, reported Infected in the city 31. In many countries, this would be hardly worth making the news in China, however, the turmoil is big, after using it for a week, no significant Infections. In Beijing, the last Time in April. It is now the second-highest level of security. A second wave threatens the country of origin of the Coronavirus? And how reliable are the Numbers this time?

For the leadership in Beijing, the outbreak at an inopportune time comes. Just recently the country was returned gradually to normality. The National people’s Congress at the end of may the government had shown itself aware of. The world is coughing and has a fever, only of the people’s Republic has succeeded, the insidious Virus down, that was the message. The fight against the Coronavirus legitimacy long ago a piece of the Power of the Communist party, pacified the people, and is likely to experience for the first Time since the end of the cultural revolution, a recession with millions unemployed.

authorities are holding back because of the diplomats and journalists

Particularly awkward for the Chinese government, moreover, is that of all the capital is affected. Any other city, maybe with the exception of Shanghai, would you shut-off from today to tomorrow, the Virus through a mass quarantine in Wuhan defeated – effective, but brutal. Perhaps, however, to brutal, to the Elite of the country may reasonably be expected of the Thousands of diplomats in the city and, of course, the more than 500 foreign journalists in Beijing, which would have all the reports at once from the eye of the storm. And so, the city for Chinese standards is downright moderate.

Strict checks: officers check the origin of vegetables at a market in Beijing. Photo: Imago images/Xinhua

In the centre of the new outbreak of the Xinfadi market is in the southwest of Beijing, it is the largest hub for food is far and wide. Prior to the closure last weekend, were sold about 90 percent of the vegetables and the fruit for the metropolis. The Director of the market, as well as two officials of the Beijing local government had to vacate as a result of the outbreak of your Items.

Since Sunday, the authorities are more than 356 000 people, working at food markets, these have visited or live near it, a Corona have undergone testing. Staff of disease control, health care Workers, as well as teachers and students should also be tested as quickly as possible. Until then, the schools are temporarily closed.

domestic flights cancelled, back to the home office

More than 60 percent of all domestic flights were cancelled on Wednesday. Most businesses have ordered their employees back into the home office. Residents from areas of Beijing, in which the risk as “medium” or “high” was classified, not allowed to leave the city, to prevent new outbreak will spread to other parts of the country. All the other Beijing is only allowed to travel if you can present a negative test result. In the whole town about the fever fairs at entrances to Restaurants or shopping centers were also tightened controls again.

Beijing seal off A residential area in the vicinity of the market, where new Corona cases surfaced, is barricaded with barbed wire. Photo: Roman Pilipey (Keystone)

The so far most radical measures, the customs authorities have taken. The importation of salmon from Europe has been set, the large farms from Norway reports that the new restrictions were introduced shortly after state Newspapers had reported that the Virus to hack the boards in the Xinfadi market, had been found, in which imported salmon is cut. Supermarkets have been cleared in the past days, your freezer shelves and large sorted out over the entire surface of fish. While salmon is not playing in the Chinese kitchen once a subordinate role, is hit hard by the import ban, mainly to Japanese Restaurants in China. You will now be shunned, there is hardly a Chinese person who dares to eat Sushi. The fear of a man-salmon-human Transmission in the country. The fish themselves can transmit the disease, however, after what you know.

broke out in may?

The Online news portal “Caixin” reported on Wednesday that the Xinfadi Cluster may be already emerged in may. “Yes, it is possible that it was during this month, many asymptomatic or mild and therefore the environment, a high viral load has been found,” said, therefore, Gao Fu, Director of the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases, in a Meeting with officials of the public health system in Shanghai. The Virus could multiply in “a dark, damp and polluted environment” will be ideal. “I think this is what happened in Beijing,” said the Director of Gao. Of fish but he did not speak.

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