In the case of the Explosion of a Firework in a school in Mühlacker (Enzkreis) have been violated a number of young people. A 15-Year-old had been fired after a preliminary investigation, the police on Monday in the classroom of a high school with a firecracker in his Hand. Apparently, it exploded before he could throw him out of the room to the outside, as the police in Karlsruhe said.

The Boy came down with severe injuries to the Hand to the hospital. According to initial findings, he could have multiple fingers lost. Not danger to life.

From the 22 students of ninth secondary school class of 15 boys and girls hurt. The German Red cross, Pforzheim, Germany, spoke in the evening from a hand injury, two eye injuries and a 12-Bang trauma. The police are investigating among other things whether it was a prohibited firecrackers.