transport Minister Andreas Scheuer has been a turbulent year. Duration of dispute with the car manufacturers, driving bans and the state elections in Bavaria have not let him come to rest. Accordingly, the hope of the CSU politician of improvement in the new year. “My wish list to the Christ child is a long one,” said Scheuer, the F. A. Z. His dearest wish is “a real nationwide impact of Confidence by the German automotive manufacturer with a large-scale exchange program for its customers in the home market.” However, it is not done for a long time: “In the case of the railway, air transport and digital infrastructure, the Christ child has for me to do in the new year a lot,” says Scheuer.

Kerstin Schwenn

business correspondent in Berlin.

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editor of the economy in Berlin, is responsible for “law and taxes”.

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Julia Löhr

business correspondent in Berlin.

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F. A. Z.

What are the most urgent reforms in Germany are beyond a finally smoothly flowing traffic? The F. A. Z. has consulted the Minister, and the leading Economists according to your Wishes – and a wide range of responses.

Katarina Barley, which draws in the coming year, as the top candidate of the SPD in the European elections, wants to relax on the housing market. “The best remedy against rising Rent more apartments,” says the Federal Minister for justice and consumer protection. “That’s why we need to have a large Living room initiative, which is supported by all Federal, state and local governments, housing companies and cooperatives.”

your party comrade, Hubertus Heil, by way of contrast, in the education policy, the greatest need for action: “I wish for the coming year, a national education Alliance of the Federation and the länder for better schools, educational and professional qualifications.” The pious desire of the Minister of Labour: “I want that in Germany, the Talent and performance and not the origin.” The strength of the social cohesion and be economically reasonable, “to secure the need for qualified specialists”.

Dorothee Bär (CSU), the Minister of state, and digitisation officer of the Federal government, is dreaming of Christmas “from a new permeability between the state, business and science”. Your a bit bulkier, there is a desire to “linear management biographies” break. The best people from the administrations would have to “out on the digital Front”, so that you can make Germany then the country with the best digital management in the world. Also the other way around, the exchange should be better. “Nerds from the outside must us mind strongly their expertise and their creativity for a certain amount of time for the benefit of All to borrow.”

While the wishes of the politicians to move more in General, researchers have more concrete ideas for reform. “My desire is to Europe,” says Isabel Schnabel. The Economist of the University of Bonn and the only woman in the Council of experts hopes to have a comprehensive package of reforms in the Euro area, which finally breaks the dependency of States and banks and the EU Budget, the principle of subsidiarity, re-aligns. In defense policy, climate protection, asylum policy, the fight against terrorism and in the digital single market, the States would have to make common cause. “At the end of Europe is so attractive that even the British remember the new. That would be like Christmas!“

Also, Clemens Fuest, the President of the Munich Ifo-Institute, in the year of the European elections, more common EU policy, including in Foreign and security policy and the issue of Migration. “If all 27 member States cooperate on all policy fields, should be preceded by a sub-group, when the Whole of the works other connecting already”, says Fuest. “We must not allow Europe to be limited to the dispute over the deficit limits, and regional subsidies.”