Mary Bono, who was appointed on October 12, interim director of the american Federation of gymnastics (USAG), in order to forget the case of Nassar, which shakes the forum, has resigned, Tuesday, 16 October, explaining, being a victim of ” personal attacks “.

Larry Nassar was a former doctor of the women’s team gymnastics. He is currently in prison, sentenced for rape and sexual assaults on at least 265 sports.

“It is with deep regret, combined with a deep love for the sport and respect for those who aspire to become great gymnasts, that I present my resignation,” writes Mrs. Bono in a press release.

“My resignation occurs after the personal attacks that leave me defenseless, and that could constitute a handicap for the USAG if I should stay,” added the former member of Congress, referring to the attacks of the athletes victims of Larry Nassar.

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The president of the olympic Committee u.s. (USOC), Sarah Hirshland, thought it was “unfortunate” the circumstances of the departure of Ms. Bono. “The USOC is committed to working hard with the direction of the USAG to find the right leader who can rebuild the gym so that it becomes a world-class organization as we know it “, she said Hirshland.

Accomplice of Nassar ?

In a series of tweets, the double olympic champion team-Aly Raisman, one of the leading figures of the struggle of the victims of the former doctor of the Federation Larry Nassar, criticized the choice of Bono, named Friday.

in particular, It highlights that the former member republican in the u.s. Congress related to the law firm Faegre Baker Daniels, who has defended the USAG in the case of Nassar. “Why appoint someone associated with the firm who helped cover up the abuse ? “, queries the gymnast 24 year old.

” My teammates and I have denounced the abuse of Nassar at the USAG in 2015. We know that the USOC and the lawyers in Faegre Baker Daniels [the office of Mary Bono] were warned at the same time and, yet, Nassar continued to abuse children for thirteen months ! ? “says Raisman.

herself a victim of dr. Nassar, who was sentenced in January 2018 to life in prison for sexually assaulting more than 250 athletes, including many of the gymnasts from the us olympic team at the 2012 olympics and 2016, Raisman sues the USAG and the USOC.

another victim of Nassar, Kaylee Lorincz, takes directly to Bono on Twitter. “You have to explain to me why you and your firm have enabled Larry [Nassar] abuse of me in 2016, after having been perfectly informed that he was abusing girls,” tweeted Lorincz Monday.

Resignations in series

The resignation of Mary Bono wears a new blow to the american Federation of gymnastics, including the executive director, Kerry Perry has been forced to resign on 3 September, under pressure from the USOC after only nine months in office.

Perry did not survive the appointment to the position of coordinator of the high level of a coach deemed to be, Mary Lee Tracy, who had posted publicly in 2016 his support to Nassar, accused already at the time of sexual abuse by several gymnasts. Tracy had had to relinquish his post just two days after his appointment.

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