Scandal at the University hospital of Zurich – heart surgeon remains longer suspended Francesco Maisano remains as a Director of the University clinic for cardiac surgery, leave of absence, until the ongoing investigations are completed.2 Kommentare2Dem heart surgeon, Francesco Maisano
is accused of, among other things, scientific studies are fudged photo: Urs Jaudas

The Spitalrat, the Board of supervisors of the Unispitals, has extended the leave of absence of cardiac surgery-chief Francesco Maisano, how he communicates. First, the Spitalrat Maisano had sent only three weeks in the holidays, now is the time-out should last as long until the accusations are clarified against him. The management of the clinic for cardiac surgery, medical Co-Director of the Unispitals, Pietro Giovanoli takes meanwhile.

flap specialist, Maisano has also been in the headlines because he used in patients new implants, and scientific publications has fined. As a shareholder of medical technology company, he benefited personally. After a Whistleblower had reported this in December internally, let’s examine the hospital management of the incidents by a lawyer’s office. This confirmed several of the allegations, such as the University hospital after the unveiling of the scandal announced by the Tamedia Newspapers. Now Maisano can take to the report.

Further an investigation, which has given to the University in order to be running. There is a possible violation of scientific integrity. “As a Professor Maisano operates at the University hospital clinical research, is a possible wrongdoing in research activities where appropriate, and relevant to his activity at the University hospital,” the Spitalrat in its media release.


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