Scarcity of raw materials, energy crisis… The war taking place on Ukrainian soil has effects on the whole of Europe. They also combine with other problems, some of which are climatic, which further aggravate the economic situation of the old continent. So much so, recalls the specialist journal Mieux Vivre-Votre Argent on its website, that the inflationary spiral appears almost incoercible. In France, some big bosses in the distribution sector fear inflation between 7% and 10%, as Planet explained.

Fortunately for savers, whose stockings are among the first victims of this new economic phenomenon, there are certain options to try to preserve their savings. Several products still show average rates of return that are sometimes considerably higher than the rate of inflation. Others benefit from intrinsic value, financial intelligence coach Nathalie Cariou recently recalled in our columns. This is not without impact during a period such as the one we have to go through today.

Unfortunately, a number of savers are also stuck with products that are too ineffective to protect their money. More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

Among the investments for which it was possible – and even recommended! – to think include the following products in particular: