Club Brugge gave in Tuesday night and only in the final stage, a trick of the hands, on the field for Real Madrid. In Spain, they acknowledge, too, that the Royal well-off, but they seem to be in Thibaut Courtois as their patsy to do.

Otra vez a un coladero, , open, Social. Once again a sieve. In the sports section of Madrid, says that Club Brugge and Real Madrid to their worst League start ever, has to be a match. It’s happened, after all, only one time in the history of the kampioenenbal that the Royal was launched with a range of one to six: in 2002/2003, about seventeen years ago. At that moment, the recordwinnaar first time in the boat, against AC Milan, and then to be right to play against Lokomotiv Moscow.

in Particular, Thibaut Courtois will be heavily dealt with. Social is still subdued: “He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, but in Real, they will not be able to enjoy the actual level with the Belgian, and Courtois was not to be responsible for the failure of his team, but it had more to do with the two goals.”

Photo: AP

it’s a particular AS it goes with the feet to move forward. “Courtois has the bottom been reached,” he writes in the newspaper in which Real Madrid have almost all of it is what matters. “He doesn’t have a good guardian angel, and that he will be in Madrid, spain. As a substitute the Areola is delivered in a splendid manner, in the 0 to 3 which didn’t do anything, in addition to the performance of Courtois.”

Praise for Club Brugge, to comment on the ref:

“Club Brugge is a strong team, which is Tau, and Dennis in the front, which is looking forward and Sergio Ramos, all of the colors of the rainbow, but let see how it sounds in Mundo Deportivo. “But for Real, he forgot to defend himself. All the Club had to do was walk in the way of Los Blancos as well as to uncover. For Real, the Champions League story is a lot more difficult.”

“Saved by the referee!”, find a sports Sport, as well as Mundo Deportivo, published in Barcelona, spain. They are there for the entertainment, the rival of Madrid, deep in the pit of the way. “None other than Georgi Kabakov avoided in the second uefa Champions League defeat to Real Madrid. The Bulgarian ref had stepped forward when the withemden in the ropes, hung out and had a Real two controversial goals to date. He stole the two points of Club Brugge.”


“He was helped in this by the VAR, which is a kopbaldoelpunt of Sergio Ramos, who is surely offside, seemed to approve of. Kabakov gave the Former a second yellow card for an action that he and Vinicius will not even touch you. And as if that wasn’t enough, he was ignoring the duwfout that Casemiro made at the Deli in the 2-2.”

the British laugh about it with Dennis, “he Would deliberately have to do?”

as Well as in England, they were almost dueling from Club Brugge, with big eyes and followed suit. Real Madrid was once again weak, and was almost to the boat by two bizarre goals in a match, the 21-year-old, Leo, Dennis,” writes the BBC. “First of all, to put the Nigerian Thibaut Courtois with a wrong check on the wrong foot, and then he tripped in the penalty area in order to create a lobe.”

The Daily Mail had the goal game is well worth it. In the second, “The attacker fell, and lobde than Courtois – who is on the wrong track it seemed to be struikeling. We are starting to ask if he (or Dennis) with the intent to do!”

Photo: AP

Real Madrid was going to be getting plenty of chances, but it was what it was supposed to do,” added the BBC. Club Brugge, which is at the top of the Belgian league, and it seemed the match was even in control after goals from Dennis. It was all over when the Areola is a great chance for a hat-trick for Dennis is not a perfect being caught have had. After that, the Real terugvocht by Ramos, and Casemiro, and lacked the Club-a, Siebe Schrijvers’s a golden chance to win the title.”

for More on the Real Madrid-Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane is surprised: “Club Brugge and he did not see a Spanish analyst in Madrid, the newspaper is hard for Courtois, even the Switch will not be spared: “Like a chicken without a head,” Dennis, after two strange goals in Real Madrid: “Courtois seemed to be a giant leap. He was everywhere,” the Players Club Brugge are now in a tie, but… “It’s a shame that we have two more points to leave them”