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The exdefensa of Real Madrid and member of the “Quinta del Vulture” Manolo Sanchís supported the increase to seven changes you can do on the computers in the back of the competition because it would benefit “the show”, and warned that it sees “comparable” the importance of Eden Hazard and Luis Suárez, injured of long duration when she stood in LaLiga Santander and now they can help their respective teams.

“I would try that, little by little you could make seven changes, avoiding the interruption of the game by making them in the style of handball with someone governing it. Why not if you are going to benefit the show. The more you do are going to improve the show,” said Sanchís this Wednesday during the space LaLiga SantanderTalks organized by the Banco Santander.

The spaniard believes that the five changes is a measure of “benefits and harms to everyone,” noted in tournaments organized by the measure of the seven substitutions “works very well” and the main goal is that “premium quality”.

“If I look to my left and to my right and I see seven players that I’m training, and that the circumstances of the game ask me to enter, but by having exhausted the changes can’t, I see a contradiction because I can improve the show”, he added.

in Addition, Sanchis cautioned that presents “a new league and the unpredictable”, but do not think that the factor of playing behind closed doors is crucial , and appealed to his experience in the 90 in that match of the European Cup before the Napoli of Diego Armando Maradona with a Bernabeu stadium without fans.

“once the referee whistled, it was a normal party, in fact the memory that I have is that I don’t have any memory of seeing the stands empty. You get and it is a game more”, said the excentral, that believes that without the support of the public becomes “the great dictatorship of this sport is the ball and there will be “as soon As possible to reach people, the better,” wanted, confessing that he himself would accept to play in the Wanda Metropolitan if you allow the hobby at some point this season.

Odegaard should return

On the recoveries for the Barcelona and Real Madrid Luis Suarez and Eden Hazard, it seemed to him “quite a couple the importance of the two”for each team. “Players are so important that it is comparable and have a lot of influence on the outcome,” he said.

“Practically the two were discarded to help, but you have to know how to come back because not all players become equal, and take the pace as fast as . Both are linked to the talent and it is more difficult to find the physical aspect”, added to the respect, by clarifying that the break has already come to them “well” to all the players to have “a rest”, but “wrong for the pace of game which is what you must take soon as possible because to do so before will be a factor in his favor.”

in Addition, expressed the importance of the two points ahead of Barça over Real Madrid “because it is something that already has won the other has to recover”, and found “advantages and disadvantages” to play before or after the rival, but don’t see any “importance”.

on the other hand, the exmadridista acknowledged both “the great merit” of Getafe by shine despite being in Madrid to rivals like Real Madrid and Atletico, as the Royal Society, “one of the two or three teams that has best played”. In this sense, referred to the figure of Martin Odegaard , on loan from Real Madrid in the set is realistic and that has had a evolution fantastic”.

To Sanchis, the midfielder Norwegian “he knew how to assume” that had no place in the team real madrid, despite all the expectations raised and that she has “taken advantage of”. “ Will come back believing that they will be owner “, warned the exdefensa, who knows that the young player has found his “best level in the Real” and it will make you evaluate what to do next season. “But come to Real Madrid and it is very difficult to say no. Has many guarantees to be the holder and not going to have many more opportunities to play than they have now,” he said.