Sanchez: It’s a great agreement for Europe and for Spain


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Spain will receive around 140,000 billion euros from the fund of the european recovery, that 72.700 million is given in direct aid, as announced by the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez , when assessing the agreement reached today by the Council on the fund and the multiannual financial framework.

“It’s a great agreement for Europe and for Spain, they did not fit doubt that today has been written by one of the pages brightest of the history of the EU,” said Sanchez in a press conference in Brussels shortly after be achieved by the end of the consensus, on which he had been “satisfied at 95%”.

has also been defined as “a genuine ‘Marshall Plan’ to give strong response to the crisis of the Covid-19 but also to address the transformations that the country needs in and future, and has highlighted the fact “unprecedented” that the European Commission is going to get for the first time to finance the fund.

The chief Executive has said to understand that has driven the so-called “emergency brake” because it is a tool as important as the background, and given that all are going to get to fund it, it is normal to want to watch over how it is spend plans and programs.

in Addition has pointed out that, as he asked for, this method of control does not break the institutional balance nor degrades the position of the European Commission.

And on the confidence higher or lower than other countries may have on the reforms in spain, has reminded us that the agenda of the country is “aligned” with the European Commission.

Today, all the europeans we won and the European Union is much more strong , ” he insisted Sanchez, to whom the negotiation of this agreement has been an “extraordinary challenge” that has required a “strenuous work”, but the result of which “has been worthwhile”.

Calviño: “United we are stronger”

For its part, the third vice-chairman of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, stressed Tuesday that the “great agreement” on the european fund to give a response to the Covid-19 will mobilize resources to “promote the recovery” and to reorient the economy toward a growth “more inclusive and sustainable.”

it has been pointed out in a message on his official Twitter account after reaching consensus. “Big deal to give a european response to the #COVID19”, has held Calviño in his tweet, in which he stressed that it will mobilize new resources to “promote the recovery” and to reorient the economy toward a growth “more inclusive and sustainable.” “United we are stronger”, he said.

similarly, Calviño, who, as third vice-chairman economic has been one of the members of the Government more deeply involved in the negotiations of the european fund, has decided to give their “congratulations” in another tweet, the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, insisting that it is a “big deal for Spain and for Europe”.