Sammy Mahdi sets himself up as a candidate to become the new chairman of the CD&V should be used. That’s what makes the jongerenvoorzitter of the party, Friday afternoon, self-disclose on Facebook. He is the fourth christendemocraat that Wouter Beke will follow-up.

Sammy Mahdi (36), and a Vilvoordenaar with the Iraqi heritage, is the president of the Jong CD&V. He was a very short period of time, to a certitude within the party, with his flamboyant style and great communication. Also, the passage in The smartest man in the world , where he and his dog, Pamuk faith on its part, had provided him with a lot of exposure.

The jongerenvoorzitter of the CD&V and was long tipped as a candidate for president, and she is now doing well. He is an exception to the rule, and the election – would have been even colors. He made his announcement through social media, is also symbolic. The CD&V, had been accused of being absent on the new media, and therefore, the lack of young voters to attract them. Mahdi, wants to change all that.

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However, the choice of the Mahdi it will have the internal debate as a substantive color. He is the fourth candidate, however, the first of which is clearly the real choices for the front on the left. As for the balance between work and family, the party, according to him, the work on them. Or C): CD&V, which, more clearly needs to be filled in, and the fight against radicalisation, or to the attacks upon our society. “You may call it red-lines and Chinese walls, but the guard will let them.”

The old concept of stewardship gets Mahdi is also from the stables. It means that the society should leave behind for our children. It means, according to the chairman of Jong CD&V), in which the party to be much stronger to take for the climate to have a healthy budget.

the Four candidates are:

at The beginning of a substantive debate about it will probably ensure that it is in West-Flanders (Dutch: Hendrik Bogaert is running, it will set up. He was, for a lack of substantive conflict, but for now, Sammy Mahdi will also step into the ring, he can get his story across locations.

The follow-up of Wouter Beke, chairman of CD&V seemed to be for a long period of time is a tough thing to be because for the first hampered, but in the past couple of days, that changed. By Sammy Mahdi added that there are now four candidates, including one Of Vincent van Peteghem, Katrien Partyka, and They Terwingen.

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