The Green politician Tobias Lindner has been challenged due to Doubts as to the renovation of the “Gorch Fock” the construction of a sail training ship for the Navy. He think it is for economical reasons necessary, the repair of cancel, and to plan a “Gorch Fock 3,” said Lindner in Berlin on Monday. “Because you have to anticipate a construction period of five years.”

“Over a number of years on the ice

Lindner, the Chairman of his faction of the defence Committee issued”, criticized the Ministry of defence and Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU). It has always been argued that a renovation of the ship was more economical than a new construction. “The Minister has gone because over the years on the ice,” said Lindner. The Federal court of audit’s allegations called Lindner “serious”. If, also, allegations of corruption hardened, could not put the former shipyard “as a reward” to the reorganization.

For the exploding costs in the case of the 1958-built the second “Gorch Fock” power of the Federal court of audit of the year-long failures in the Bundeswehr and the Ministry of defense is responsible. So the ship was examined last 40 years technically, and his condition has been documented. Before the restoration, the cost efficiency is, however, of the undertaking not been sufficiently investigated. The Navy wanted to save the ship, obviously, in spite of the severe damage.