Saget’s fractures may be due to a fall on a carpeted floor


According to Tuesday’s report, which provides more details about the death of Bob Saget, the fractures around Bob Saget’s eye sockets as well as bleeding around his brain could have been caused by Saget hitting “something hard, over-covered by something soft,” such a carpeted floor.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released an incident report in Orlando. A detective noted that Joshua Stephany, Chief Medical Examiner, stated that the fractures “would stun Mr. Saget” and that he would feel dizziness.

According to the report, if Saget had been present with others at the time, they would have seen “confusion, balance and/or slurred speaking.” Although it does not identify the exact location of Saget’s fall from the Jacksonville area, Stephany said that Saget would have had to drive two hours to Orlando with this type of injury.

After an autopsy in January, the medical examiner concluded that Saget had suffered an accidental head injury. This was likely due to a backwards-fall. Investigators who visited Saget’s luxury hotel suite discovered no signs of foul play, struggle or other evidence that Saget was in any other room during his stay. Saget was not found to have taken illicit drugs or toxic substances according to a toxicology analysis.

According to Tuesday’s report, there were no bloodstains on the sheets or bedsheets of the hotel.

Since these surfaces were all hard, the report excluded countertops, tables, and nightstands from the hotel room. The report noted that most of the hotel suite had carpeting and that the headboard was lightly padded. This was deemed “possible mechanisms for injury”.

Saget was initially examined in the hotel suite and found to have slight swelling and bruises around his left eye. The report stated that there were no other signs of injury or trauma.

On Monday a judge in Florida agreed to make permanent an interdict prohibiting the release of any photos, videos or other records related the investigation into Saget’s death. Saget’s family had filed suit to obtain the order.

After he failed to check out, the 65-year old entertainer was discovered by a security guard at his Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando on January 9. His family had requested a well-being check.

Because the door to Saget’s suite had been locked from inside, a hotel maintenance worker was needed to unlock it. The report states that even though Saget’s room and the adjoining room were found unlocked, electronic records at the hotel indicated that no one had been in the abutting area since Jan. 7, the day before Saget was found dead.

Saget is best known for his roles as Danny Tanner, the beloved single dad on “Full House”, and as the wisecracking host on “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” He was also married to Kelly Rizzo Saget. Saget had three children from a previous marriage.

Saget was traveling as part of his “I Don’t Do Negat Comedy Tour” and stated just before his death, that he received warm receptions from his audience in Orlando and Ponte Vedra Beach near Jacksonville.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office detective interviewed five venue workers from Orlando and Jacksonville about Saget’s conduct during his concerts there. According to the report, Saget was described by the five workers as friendly, outgoing, and with no impairment.

Saget, who had driven from Jacksonville to Orlando in the night hours before his body was found, chatted with a Ritz Carlton car attendant and took a photograph. According to the investigative report, Saget appeared “fine” and that he didn’t see any evidence of slurred speech or balance issues.