Rylan Clark was admitted to hospital after “losing himself” following a split in his marriage

Rylan Clark candidly admitted that he went to the hospital after his split with Dan Neal last January


Rylan Clark candidly admitted that he went to the hospital “for a while” after his split from Dan Neal.

Rylan, 33-year-old X Factor star, said he felt “low” after separating from Big Brother star Dan. This was five and a quarter years ago.

Rylan spoke candidly about his feelings after the breakup and how he felt during an extended work break. “I didn’t believe I could keep going.”

When asked by The Observer if he meant to continue to work or live, he replied: “Both. I wasn’t sure I would actually return. “I was very… gone.”

He said, “I’m not the type of person my friends could believe could feel so low as I did.” Although I may appear to be able to look after myself on paper, in reality, it was not.

“I didn’t know who I was at certain times. I was thinking and doing things that made my… f**ked up.

“I didn’t understand why I was doing this to myself.” “So, I left for a while.”

Rylan replied “Yes” when asked if he had gone to the hospital. To ensure safety.

“It’s strange to talk about this because I have not even talked about it with my friends. “I never imagined I could become that sick.”

Rylan also disclosed that the trigger for his hospital stay was Dan’s divorce, but there was more to his breakdown.

He said, “It’s been 10 years since I started doing this job. That whole decade has slapped me around my a**e, and stabbed me in my stomach.

“Maybe it was what I needed. It was just too hard.

Rylan said, “I feel like I’m discovering a new me now. Rylan is my best friend.

“I do Rylan very well. I know my job. “But I was unaware of how much Ross had gone.”

Rylan learned that he needed to be more in control after his stay in hospital.

He revealed that he always says yes to everything, and he smiles. “But now, if I don’t really want to do something, I’m going no.” I have learned to be more in charge. “I feel like Britney because I haven’t had control for so many years.

Rylan said, “Because I was truly my job.” I feel like I have lost a lot.

“I have learned that fame is not something I desire, but it is something I do want.”

“It’s always wonderful to meet people and be treated in certain ways, but don’t get it wrong. Sometimes it is important to wait in line. Sometimes, you just want to f**k over to the garden centre to purchase a plant.