The Russian Aigul Gareeva, it is the new world champion time trial for the girls, juniors, in spite of a wegvergissing in the last half mile or so. She’s got the three-seconds ahead of the Dutch van Anrooij, the British Backstedt finished in third.

10u10, local time, in case of the Netherlands, Femke Gerritse in the world CHAMPIONSHIP-individual time trial for the girls, juniors are definitely in the corridor and the stairs. And that was not a benefit to you. A heavy shower of rain meant that the streets of the town centre and there, drenched the attachments of the sun-quite her best and began to do so. As a result, the wet roads began to dry, little by little, so that the late starters are at a clear advantage was.

The trail is in the town centre, it announced himself right away as a very, very heavy. The Italian Collinelli realized in the middle of the field in the shortest amount of time, but its average speed was barely on the 36-kilometer-per-hour, it is a result of both the challenging course and the conditions, the riders aanmaande to be cautious.

(Wild in the thirteenth

Our compatriot, Doug, The Wild began a little after eleven o’clock local time. The people of East-Flanders (belgium) was still only a freshman and is a big commitment. The Wild is hoping for a place in the top twenty, said her game is fine, and it was eventually flagged as the age of thirteen.

at The end of the California Forest and continued for a long period of time at the tables, but we had to wait until the time of the European champion, van Anrooij, and thuisrenster Eleonor Backstedt. The Uk subsidiary of the finish line-the winner-Magnus Backstedt – and realized about halfway in spite of a shoe, almost in the shortest amount of time, just for the Russian Gareeva proved to be the blink of an eye, faster than that of the English and Swedish roots.

The Swedish Wilma Olausson was the first to include the period of time of the Woods course. The european champion, Shirin van Anrooij squeeze another thirteen seconds, the period of time from the Swedish af. The Russian Gareeva forgot about the last turn in the rotation, and was followed by the derivation of the volgwagens. However, the Russian was always the best time, three seconds faster than van Anrooij. Also, Eleonor Backsted found himself no longer in the period of time the Russian who, in spite of a near-fatal wegvergissing, however, champion was allowed to call them that.

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The Wanted: “it is Not as good as we hoped,”

now, Doug, The Wild had contributed thirteen, but it wasn’t at all pleased about that. “I felt I was not as good as I had hoped it would,” said the 16-year-old former football player from Laarne-Kalken. “My legs were not one hundred percent. I had a bit of a pain in my throat and mucus, and that spilled over into my stomach. Perhaps it was also due to the stress. This is my first world cup. I was told in advance that I threw in the top twenty, so, all in all, I can be content. Anyway, I expected a bit more of the road race. This race is a great incentive on them. The trail would be less difficult than the trial. The first 60 kilometres are flat. I hope to be totally free from ailments and stress to get there.”

for More about the uci road world Championships, Yves Lampaert for the world CHAMPIONSHIPS time trial: “I look forward to the top ten, Remco Evenepoel is looking forward to his first world CHAMPIONSHIP individual time trial on the course: “My objective? The Top five of His world cup dream seemed to be beyond one meter, but Antonio Tiberi follows, Remco Evenepoel as the world champion time trial with the juniors, These are the 7 key points on the life-threatening world cup races in Yorkshire-In the best of Mathieu van der Poel,”