The American Federal police, FBI has initiated, according to a newspaper report in 2017 investigations to the question of whether President Donald Trump for Russia acts. The investigation had been started after the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey by Trump in may 2017, wrote the “New York Times” on Friday, citing anonymous sources. The investigations have also focused on counterintelligence and possible criminal issues.

the counter-espionage was to clarify whether Trump’s work, consciously or unconsciously, to Moscow, and whether he was a threat to national security, the report says. Criminally, it was Comeys dismissal. To made the results of the investigation, the “NYT”.

Mueller took over the investigation

The investigations were to be placed soon with the investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller of possible Russian interference in the presidential election campaign. Whether the counter-espionage would continue investigations, was unclear, it said in the report.