Rush to the village, Sicily: A house for one Euro


It sounded like the perfect real estate bargain: A house in Sicily for just one Euro. This offer the Giuseppe Cacioppo, the mayor of the small Sicilian Town of Sambuca announced, approximately 80 kilometers South of Palermo, in front of CNN this week. The houses are between 40 and 150 square meters in size, and belonged to the city, so Cacioppo. “We are not a middleman, to mediate only between the old and new owners. If you want the house, you get it immediately.“ The catch: Within three years the new owners to renovate the houses for a minimum of 15,000 euros. As a guarantee for 5000 Euro security Deposit are to be deposited, which would be refunded once the renovation is completed.

Cacioppo, wanted to revive the action in a city whose residents have migrated to the big cities. He landed a PR Coup, its size surpassed his expectations. As CNN reported on Friday, were received within 48 hours, tens of thousands of requests for Cacioppo. “It’s been only a few days, but I’m already under a lot of Stress. The Mailbox for the action is full, so the people started me on the mobile phone call. This has not stopped ringing. I have received around a thousand calls. I hope that doesn’t make me crazy,“ said Cacioppo told CNN.

the calls were from Spain, Russia, South America, Australia, the United States and the United Arab Emirates. A very rich lady from Dubai have the same “want the whole package” to buy.