Deutsche Bank may receive a further shareholder Qatar. The head of the national Fund from the Arab region, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, had said at the world economic forum in Davos, he was considering further investments in Germany, including in financial companies.

Gerald Braunberger

editor in the business, responsible for the financial market.

F. A. Z.

the investment objectives of the sovereign wealth Fund Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is located on the German Bank. However, it is not yet clear whether participation really materialises. Also not clear how high the possible involvement would be. The state Fund from Qatar is involved, among other things, to Volkswagen.

The largest shareholders in the German Bank are currently two under the control of the ruling family of Qatar-standing companies with a combined 6.1 percent. In the ranking of the most important shareholders, the American investment company Blackrock with 4.8 percent, as well as the American financial companies Hudson (3.1 percent), and Feinberg (3 percent). The Chinese conglomerate HNA controlled less than 3 percent of the voting rights.

The Deutsche Bank will present on Friday, your key Numbers for fiscal year 2018. It is expected that the Bank will report under the leadership of its new Chairman of the Board Christian Sewing for the first time in several years, a profit. Sewing is likely to have notably greater success in the control of the cost as his predecessor, John Cryan. The share price of Deutsche Bank has, since the beginning of the year to more than 15 percent. The stock market value of 16.8 billion euros in international comparison, but still modest.