twenty years Ago, shuffled Jeff Bridges as an Old Hippie in a Bathrobe by Los Angeles, smoked, drank and she bowled. The Coen brothers-produced Comedy “The Big Lebowski” was not a great public success, a cult film. But thousands of theme parties lebowskis, Harry potters copied the style since then. Just as long, Fans speculated about a successor to film – most recently last October, when Bridges and his movie colleague, Steve Buscemi (“Donny”) 20. Anniversary in a television interview occurred.

Now, the Oscar winner has published on Twitter a five-ten seconds long Video, in which he stands as a bearded, visibly graying Lebowsky with a sweater and sunglasses in a pub and into the camera and laughs before he takes a Drink at the Bar. There’s a straw over rolls and bales. This Bridges writes: “You can’t live forever in the past, man. Stay tuned.“

It could be the self-encouragement an ageing movie stars, would be the current date. At the end of the video a note on the 3 appears. February 2019. On this day, the Super Bowl final of American Football is in America League NFL transfer – date, for the hundreds of thousands in front of their televisions, and is therefore used as a stage for announcements. Maybe something from”Big Lebowski 2″.Officially, it was first known.

the Video of the Bridges, it could also be just the teasers of the commercials action. Last year, a Video went to the Super Bowl-Transmission viral, the hope for a new “Crocodile Dundee”movie made. Later, it turned out to be a advertising for a holiday in Australia.