the planned extension of The rental price brake in Hesse is delayed. On Monday, the Cabinet will take the consultation of organizations from the real estate industry, announced the Ministry of economy in Wiesbaden, Germany. You can then take a position on the project. For the extension of the Rent control necessary land regulation should be adopted “in the spring,” said a spokesman. Originally, the government wanted the regulation in 2018.

The “rent limit regulation” in the state of Hesse runs out in July. As the nation’s first large city of Frankfurt would be without Rent control. The schedule until the summer but could be adhered to, – said the speaker.

as a rule, is in 15 cities and municipalities

throughout the Country, the rental rate applies brake in addition to Frankfurt in 15 other cities and municipalities, including Darmstadt, Kassel, Marburg, Offenbach and Wiesbaden. But also in the municipalities of the Metropolitan area Rhine-Main, such as Florsheim, Oberursel and Dreieich, the Instrument uses.

The rental price brake is prohibited, in principle, to require the rental of an apartment, a rental of more than ten percent above the local comparative rent. The States were able to introduce them in tight housing markets for 2015, initially limited to five years. The measure, however, is controversial: Whereas the tenants ‘ Association welcomes you to reject many real estate associations, with the Argument that it is ineffective and will not solve the housing shortage.