now, roo’s (Kangaroos), Mechelen after three successive defeats, once more rejoice in the EuroMillions lottery Team. The red cross won the match, however, difficult to have foreigners playing in Liège.

. 3 to 6, the team of coach Paul Vervaeck, in group B are currently in third place. The following week, Saturday, to receive Kangaroos in Mechelen, in the Winketkaai champion in Ostend (belgium).

Coach Paul Vervaeck, started by two Belgians, and Terry Deroover, and Bram Bogaerts in the basisvijf. The duo led the Kangaroos to Mechelen to a 4-14 bonus. Hatch was not working and milderde by Brieuc Lemaire into a 17-19 deficit.

from the second slide, remained Terry Deroover, with his detailed now extract it, it gave Rayshawn Simmons with many assists to be a great dunkende The Cook, 22-29. Hatch suffered no less than ten of dispossessions and Kangaroos Mechelen, the depth of the gap to a 29-41 the bonus halfway through.

Orly Nzisabira responded to for up to a 30-49 through to the 35-51. Kangaroo Malines stopped in the third quarter, somewhat quiet, and milderde the club the ” Place to have a 48-57 outcome. In the slotschuifje did not have a change for the better in a spartelend roo’s (Kangaroos), Mechelen (17 dispossessions) . Loic Meunier scored, and that of Abel Baptista added that there is a bomb on it: 54-61. Rayshawn Simmons took a second unsportsmanlike misconduct and was allowed to take a shower. François L Hoêst gathered rebounds, and Brittany Lemaire, clean the 61-64. Marvin Clark has found the way to the basket for the Wallabies and has led his team to a 63-73. The crucial gap was not convincing, and Kangaroos in Mechelen is finally a reality.

The Hatch – Kangaroos-Mechelen, 68-76

Section: (Reason 10, Lemaire, 14, Iarochevitch 4, The Hoêst 8, Kohadja 0, Nzisabira 13, Meunier, 11, Tetica 8).

Kangaroo Mechelen: Is A Simmons (10, Deroover 17, Bogaerts 6, No 11, Cook 15, Nh 2, Clark, 10, Lasisi 3, Stutteville 4, Van Oosterwyck 0).

Quartz: 17-19, 12-22, 19-16, 20-20