The night was eventful across the Atlantic. Yesterday took place the “midterms” elections, mid-term, in the 50 American states. Voters were called upon to choose their representatives in Congress for the next two years. A crucial deadline for Joe Biden’s presidency – and the hope for the Republican opposition to gain ground until 2024, and to paralyze the action of the Democrats until then.

The first ballots were counted overnight, and some trends are emerging. Thus, specifies La Tribune, “If the Republicans seem assured of regaining the majority in the House of Representatives, control of the Senate – currently divided 50-50, with a decisive vote for the Democratic Vice-President Kamala Harris – is far from certain. ‘to be acquired for Donald Trump’s party’.

The former president had promised a republican “wave” at the polls: for the time being, therefore, he is in nothing.

The midterms are also an opportunity for millions of Americans to elect or re-elect the governor of their federal state. As such, the Democrats won a great victory, with the victory, in Maryland, of Maura Healey, the first lesbian woman governor in the history of the country. But another character also attracts many eyes the day after the vote. It is the Republican Ron DeSantis, 44 years old.

The governor of Florida, a rising star of the “Grand Old Party”, was re-elected as head of state with more than 58% of the vote, and seems more popular than ever. In his victorious speech, the Republican hinted that he now saw further… “We not only won re-election, we redefined the political map. For me, the fight has only just begun”, s rejoiced the Republican. In the American political sphere, he is already being talked about as the next conservative candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

Ron DeSantis was, however, so far, one of Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters. Could he become his rival? In France, the character is still relatively unknown.

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