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Group Varma, owner of brands such as Ron Barceló, has decided to put in place a plan for the reactivation of the hospitality industry by using the injection of 1.5 billion euros to cushion the economic impact of the pandemic coronavirus , at the same time encouraged the return to the bars under security measures.

Among the different measures developed, Group Varma is promoting a plan called “ Barcelo By The Face” with the ultimate aim of “bringing together of new to the innkeepers with their customers throughout the life” for the one who is going to finance a total of 100,000 drinks to more than 1,500 establishments with headquarters in Spain to the bars invite consumers to “for your ara bonita” in order to “celebrate all the things that have been left pending in the past few months,” he was pushed to this alarm.

With this initiative, Grupo Varma seeks to contribute to the revival of the market, to minimize the impact suffered by this sector and boost the visits to bars and restaurants in the country with the aim of making the business of hospitality continue to be a national and international reference already contributing 6.2% to the national GDP and have an impact on 1.7 million jobs.

the chairman of The Group Varma, Pelayo de la Mata, is incident in a press note that “the effect of this crisis has been devastating in the sector, so that put in place a comprehensive plan for reactivation in which they were involved, consumers and customers-catering was a priority for the whole company. I am tremendously proud of the plan that we have created and the initiative he is spearheading our leading brand Ron Barceló”.

“to Be useful, relevant and help smes, self-employed and groups catering to minimize the impact generated by the cause of the Covid-19”, well summarizes the spirit of the project, the director-general in the area of nego cio of spirits of Varma, Carlos Peralta. “We wanted to develop a comprehensive plan of initiatives with the sector to receive what you need most for any company at this time, an extra boost in terms of economic and, also, more visitasde customers. The initiative ‘Barcelo’ By The Face’ meets all of our expectations, we hope that you receive a good reception within the community of hospitality,” adds Peralta.

The plan is aimed to 1,500 catering establishments and is liderador by Ron Barceló and other brands of the group Varma as Yzaguirre, Master’s, Hendrick’s, Glenfiddich, Fireball, Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya. The contribution to each local is managed through the digital platform “Barceló By The Face,” to which, on the one hand, consumers will be able to access to request the drinks free of charge to enjoy, with three friends in the local that they choose and and on the other, the hoteliers will have the automated registration of the drinks that have been served in their establishments under this initiative, and for the Group Varma will make the corresponding payment , up to the maximum of 100,000 cups served.