Great on the front page of the Italian sportbladen: Romelu Lukaku on the edge of the spitsbroeder Lautaro Martinez. The past two weekends, each of which has two times the score, they do it in Italy, there is a new koningskoppel: Betrayal . “Together, they are the perfect answer to Cristiano Ronaldo.”

No, it’s a 3-4 win for Inter on the field of Sassuolo is ready, the ba passed away in Italy. Two goals from Romelu Lukaku, two of the goals of the spitsbroeder Lautaro Martinez. Four of a total of Lukaku-Lautaro, La Gazzetta dello Sport, are already referred to as ‘Lula’. Here is a koningskoppel was born,” writes the Italian sportblad in the film. “Together, they form an almost perfect striker, with a deadly weapon, which would be the ideal answer to Cristiano Ronaldo. I’d rate the Portuguese, 701, what is it with this season already with ten goals.”

Also in Corriere dello Sport is talking about the new, deadly duo in the Series. “Laukaku”, you hear it on right there on the front page. Of the two, moreover, it appears to be able to get along. “We have been ever since my first day here. We will speak both in Spanish, and that helps,” says Romelu Lukaku. The Red Devil is well-known for his flair for languages: besides Spanish, he speaks fluent English, French, German, English, Italian, French, and Lingala, and while he was at the last world CHAMPIONSHIPS, was surprised by a Brazilian journalist in the Portuguese language in response to the need.
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