Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discovered firsthand that merely being from one of America’s most influential and well-respected Democrat families does not give you the right to criticize the government or vaccines.

He said to Newsmax Tuesday night, “If you can’t complain about your government then your government has license for atrocities.”

RFK Jr. is a nephew to President John F. Kennedy, and a well-known anti-vaccine advocate. He told Tuesday’s Stinchfield that all Americans are at risk from the global coronavirus pandemic.

Stinchfield was told by RFK Jr. that “At this moment in American history, we need to make every effort not to end the type of polarization of Republican versus Democrat.”

“Freedom of speech has been taken away. It’s not permitted to criticize the government. We are not permitted to criticize the pharmaceutical products. We also have lost our religious freedoms.

RFK Jr. discovered this firsthand by writing a book about Fauci, whom he blames again for making America sick. He notes that only 6% of Americans had a chronic disease before Fauci became president in 1968, and alarmingly 54% have it now.

“It illustrates how Anthony Fauci has basically transformed the public health agencies. He has taken them away form doing public health and turned them into incubators of pharmaceutical products and has turned them virtually into subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry,” RFK Jr. stated about his new book ” The Real Anthony Fauci”: Bill Gates and Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

“Tony Fauci does not do public health. He does pharmaceutical promotions.”

All Americans must fight for freedom of speech before holding Fauci or the government responsible. Journalists in the media should be able to question Fauci’s “dishonest comments on the internet” without being deplatformed.