Road safety: a new speed camera approved in France


A new speed camera could well be the source of your next speeding tickets. This new control device called Parifex nano is a world first. It has just been approved in France.

It took Parifex six years to develop this sensor. By using 3D Lidar technology (found in robot vacuum cleaners or automatic cars), the nano sensor can measure the speed of several vehicles as well as their trajectories over “nearly a hundred meters, as indicated by radars-auto.

This device is already in place on the cabins of double-sided radars. Now that it’s licensed, here’s what it can do:

For the time being, the Parifex nano radar is only approved for speed control in double-sided cabins. Allocations which should evolve in the near future. Indeed, it is awaiting approval to be installed in urban radars. Thus, it could also control the crossing of red lights.

Ultimately, this new control device should also be able to verbalize the non-respect of safety distances, contraflow traffic, non-respect of the stop sign or even the crossing of a white line, as reported by the specialized site.

Do not panic, these last features were not to be approved for some time.