Riots in Minneapolis protests the whole capture Country the death of a Black man during a police operation to escalate the Situation. Not only in several U.S. cities, but also between the President and Twitter.Christian Zaschke from New York0 comment star-spangled banner as a distress signal: A protester in the US wearing a flag upside down is traditionally a means of in times of war, issues. Photo: Julio Cortez (Keystone)

On Friday morning, a picture of the devastation in Parts of Minneapolis. Smoke over the city, police officers with batons lined the streets. The night before had once again been looted, protesters shops and buildings burned, including a police post. The trigger for the unrest was the death of the Black George Floyd, who died on Monday after a white police officer had him down for eight minutes his knee on the neck. Floyd’s family speaks about murder.

As in the nights before the protests had started peacefully, were, however, in the course of the night out of control. Under the onslaught of the masses, the police gave a guard that was stormed by protesters and set on fire. Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minneapolis, said on Friday morning that he had arranged that the officials leave the station. “The symbolism of a building, can outweigh the importance of life,” he said.

Tries to appease: Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis.Photo: Evan Frost (Keystone)

U.S. President Donald Trump, the riots criticized on Twitter sharp. The protesters he called “thugs”. He also tweeted, when the looting starting, will start the Shooting: “I Have just spoken with Governor Tim Walz, and told him that the military is on his side. If there are difficulties, we will take control, but if the looting begin, starts Shooting.”

Trumps the historically loaded record

noted How the American media immediately quoted Trump a historically loaded record from the year 1967, with the the former police chief of Miami announced a hard-line approach against the black population. In the case of protests of white groups, even of the nationalists, had expressed a Trump is often supportive.

Trumps martial Tweet was then provided from Twitter with a warning. “This Tweet has violated the Twitter rules to the glorification of violence,” it said. He’ll stay, but on the platform, because this was in the public interest. Trump responded with a series of angry Comments on Twitter. In addition, the same message was disseminated from the Account of the White house – initially without warning.

Twitter is the favourite medium of the President, he can reach his 80 million Followers directly. In addition, he was able to spread his messages unfiltered. But that changed this week. Twitter, added check a Post Trumps for the first time with a facts. It was statements to the letter choice. The President spoke immediately of “CENSORSHIP” and had a knit, with the aim of limiting the Power of the social media.

The next shot on Twitter

With the warning to the glorification of violence Twitter fired the next shot. The wrath of the President of the platform is now safe. “Twitter is doing nothing to all the lies and Propaganda published by China or the radical left of the democratic party,” wrote Trump on Friday on Twitter. The company had provided this week, including a Post of a Chinese diplomat with a fact check note.

The Congress must toughen for the platform of the major laws, called Trump in relation to Twitter. “Until then, it will be regulated.” A change in the law in Congress, where the Democrats control the house of representatives, is as good as impossible. So far it is also unclear whether, and to what effect Trumps will have the regulation to more regulation. You should consider the consequences, is likely to deal with the issue soon US courts.

Trumps anger will probably not help to defuse the renewed tensions between black and white Americans. Only about 13 percent of the approximately 330 million Americans of black skin color. After decades of oppression and inequality, it is a conflict that can easily be re-kindled. Can it be before the presidential election in November, actually in the sense of Trumps.

Biden is angry

Challenger Joe Biden is in African-Americans and other minorities much more popular.
Biden was the case on Friday horrified. The President “calls, in a Moment of pain for so many to violence against American citizens,” he wrote on Twitter. “I’m angry, and you should be too.”

The four police officers have already been on Tuesday and fired. Among them is Derek Chauvin, the efforts of the African-American George Floyd, the knee-minutes long on the neck. However, the local Prosecutor’s office has not yet decided whether charges are to be collected, which increased the anger of the protesters. In the Rest of the country, it came to protests. In Denver, someone fired during an otherwise peaceful Demonstration, a weapon. In New York City, hundreds of people gathered at Union Square to demonstrate against police violence.

For the night of Friday to Saturday, the authorities expected further attacks. Meanwhile, the Governor of the state of Minnesota, 500 members of the national guard has been sent to Minneapolis, in order to restore public order.

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