Riots in Copacabana – supporters and opponents of Bolsonaro get aneinanderIn several cities of Brazil, supporters and opponents of the President went at each other. On the famous beach in Rio, the opponents were separated with pepper spray.0 comment purely different cities, like here in Rio, the police intervened.Photo: Bolsonaro-supporters and opponents clashed on the open road.Photo: Sao Paulo: tear gas against the protesters.Keystone: Andre Penner/AP1 / 4

In the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, supplied the followers of the right-wing President, Jair Bolsonaro and the government’s opponents fierce clashes. The police on Sunday used tear gas to separate the warring groups, to see how the TV channel Globo was.

the protests of The government opponents were organised by football fans and directed against the anti-democratic tendencies of the government Bolsonaro. Also in Rio de Janeiro, both opponents as well as supporters Bolsonaros went on the road. The police dispersed the groups on the beach promenade of Copacabana with pepper spray, as the news portal G1 reported. In the capital, Brasília, the trailer went under the many Government on the road.

warnings of the new military dictatorship

Before the Supreme court, some of the protesters called for a military coup. The court had recently approved an investigation against a Fake News network out of Bolsonaro-supporters. Many supporters of the Ex-servicemen accuse the judiciary of exceeding their competences, and to crop with your decisions, the Power of the heads of state.

Bolsonaro greeted his supporters on Sunday and the horse in the middle of a horse squadron of the armed forces.
judge Celso de Mello compared, in a Letter to his colleagues on the Supreme court, the current situation in Brazil, with the final phase of the Weimar Republic, and warned of a new military dictatorship. Brazil had been ruled from 1964 to 1985 of generals. Bolsonaro has always expressed again sympathies for the dictatorship.


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