Riots and elections in the United States – The mayor, the Biden now are the people that need racism debate is likely to have a say in who Trumps selects Challenger as a Vice. Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta suddenly has a good chance.Reymer Klüver0 KommentareDie mayor in the centre of the racism debate: Keisha Lance Bottoms Atlanta, where recently a white COP killed an African American.Photo: Paras Griffin/

One thing is for sure: If Joe Biden should manage to win the election in November and sell Donald Trump from the White house, then will move into the office of the Vice-President in the West Wing a woman. The democratic presidential candidate had promised months ago that he don’t want no man as his Deputy. Again and again he emphasized that his Deputy “had to be from the first day” ready to take on the Job in the White house – a barely veiled reference to the high age of the candidate. With 77 years of Biden would be the oldest man to ever be elected President. This was understood by many observers so that the woman is expected to be on Biden’s side, a Generation younger than himself.

A dozen women on the list

And yet another requirement of the candidates profile has gained in importance over time: The future Vice-President should, as it is called in the political Jargon of the Democrats, the multi-cultural diversity of the United States reflect. You should, therefore, be an African American or a Latina. This has become even more important since the protests against racism and police violence and tear the country apart.

Possible electoral assistance in the important swing state: The democratic members of Congress Val Demings of Florida could mobilize for Biden African-Americans.Photo: Patrick Semansky (Keystone)

About a dozen women, apparently, on Biden’s list. In the last few days, but two names have moved very far to the above, the previously listed more among the also-RANS: the democratic members of Congress Val Demings of Florida and the mayor of the metropolis of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms. In Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, it is on the weekend of unrest after a white policeman has a Black shot.

Both women are considerably younger than Biden; they are black, a left-wing liberal, but above all, they have years of personal and political experience with the issue, the America haunts for weeks now: how is violence to deal with the clearly racist state? Demings (60), was police President in the city of Orlando, before they went into politics.

“If you want to modify, then choose go.”

Keisha Lance Bottoms, mayor of Atlanta

The attorney Bottoms, even ten years younger, has gained a reputation as an intrepid local politician. She criticized Trump for its lax Corona-policy and to make again in the days after the death of George Floyd’s, when they accused him of, “the thing will only get worse”. In fact, it was her, managed to calm the situation in the city after the first riots back in. “If you want to modify, then choose go”, shouted the demonstrators at a press conference. The conservative business magazine “Forbes” praised her as “the mayor, the America needs now.”

It goes to Florida, Georgia or Michigan

A is for the selection of Vice President candidate in the USA is always of immense importance, whether on the part of the Democrats or the Republicans: the origin of the future Deputy. More precisely, the question is: Can he help the candidates to win in States in which it is to be, or which would be otherwise out of reach? So Demings could help Biden, to mobilize in the swing state of Florida, the votes of the Blacks. Trump had won in Florida in 2016, just barely. Also, the Republican Georgia could be a Vice presidential candidate Bottoms to the swing state.

The California Senator Kamala Harris wanted to be long at the top of the list: first President. Now it is often called as a Deputy candidate.Photo: Matt Rourke (Keystone)

But because of so many considerations play a role in the choice, in the race for a long time. Top of the list the Senator from California is likely to still be Kamala Harris. She was a Prosecutor and Minister of justice, in your state, and most government of all the candidates experience. Are also called the Governors of New Mexico, Michele Lujan Grisham, a Latina, and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, which has delivered in the past few months of public skirmishes with President Trump in the question of how to properly deal with the pandemic. You know, Michigan is one of the Federal States, which should Biden win.

Biden’s old Acquaintances: Susan Rice has served the Obama administration as UN Ambassador and National security Advisor to the President. Photo: Mark Humphrey (Keystone)

In the narrower selection is also Susan Rice, the fearless UN Ambassador, is President Barack Obama. She, however, has no political experience. Still, Elizabeth Warren, the Senator from Massachusetts is called also. The party left is white, and not much younger than Biden, but could mobilize the most the disappointed followers of Bernie Sanders’ for the election. A decision is not liked. Biden time. He wants to present to the woman at his side until the beginning of August.

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