Nothing as old as happiness, once said Oscar Wilde. But there is something else, the knowledge economy, researchers are: money. Statistically speaking, the wealthy people are living longer, both men and women. The German Institute for economic noted recently, as it put the life expectancy in relation to income. Splendid arguments for the financial industry, because it sells money. Money for my old age.

Since 2002, prices insurers like banks are a special source of prosperity in the late years of the Riester pension. Thanks to government subsidies and tax benefits 14.1 million Germans, especially pension insurance, Riester now are popular. More than ten million policies have brought companies since the introduction of the Riester pension in 2002, a colossal business. However, not all customers have hit the jackpot. Who chooses a weak insurer, risking a fortune. Pension schemes online to compare Directly to the Riester-pension comparison

“of Course you have to in the case of the Riester pension, as with all insurance products to the financial statements – and management costs,” says Martin Zsohar from the analysis of the house TOMORROW & TOMORROW. “The key is also a good, financially strong provider, and a high warranty and Überschussrrente.” A comparison of his house shows With Top Rates, savers save in the same post, a good 25 per cent more pension than with a policy of a weak party.   display  

What is the Riester pension and what should customers in the selection.

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