Kortrijk –

click On the Doorniksesteenweg in Kortrijk (belgium) it happened on Monday, for the second time in four days, and a serious accident. At this time, a stalling air motor that the car driver, a cyclist does not. The 73-year-old victim injured.

The 73-year-old rider from Kortrijk, began at around 9.15 pm in the direction of the city center of Kortrijk, belgium. A driver in a car coming from the other direction it came from, the R8 crossed the street to the Sint-Margriete-Houtemlaan of your life. During the course of that manoeuvre went wrong. The driver of the red Renault Clio, A 64-year-old Kortrijkzaan, may have been blinded by the sun. It came as a heavy blow, with the rider at the front windshield and was catapulted. A female mail carrier who was only at her lap, began, he saw the man fly, and he made a passing ambulance to stop.

The biker was hit with a severe hoofdwonde the customer. He was still conscious but was in bad shape. The accident happened just on the other side of the fire, so that the other emergency services are quickly on the spot.

The incident is the second serious incident in four days ‘ time on the Doorniksesteenweg. Last week on Thursday, hit a moped rider from Antwerp and was seriously wounded when he was struck by a stalling air motor that driver. On the 16th of October, there was a 48-year-old fietsster of Lendelede is grasped at the Sint-Margriete-Houtemlaan.