Ride report Triumph Speed Twin: the heart is a Triumph


    there Was a gap in the classics program of Triumph? If Yes, then it is closed now. If no – then good.

    Walter Wille

    editorial “technology and Motor”

    F. A. Z.

    As for the beautiful Speed Twin, a place in the market, one way or the other. Timeless in appeal, reduced to the Essentials – a Motor-bike in the original sense, which mainly consists of the Motor and the wheels. This includes Handlebar, seat, lamp, fuel Tank, brakes, a suspension that handles All the fine, intricate in Detail, rounded off with a couple of Netting and necessities of the digital modern era, but not too much of it.

    With the Speed Twin, brings the Triumph of the purist motorcycling to the point. Both of your cylinders are upright as the guard in front of Buckingham Palace, chest out. So it was 80 years ago Usus, as a Triumph for the first Time a motorcycle brought out, was the name Speed Twin and a milestone. The Empire does not forget.

    The maintenance of tradition in the sign of the Union Jack, has spawned a now very extensive, dense staggered “Modern Classics”-family. And the British did not let up. A model is chasing the other, with 900, with a 1200 cubic centimeter engine displacement. The Speed Twin is the big Roadster with a 1.2-Liter engine, squeezed between the stresses of classic, good-natured Bonneville T 120, and the crisp Thruxton Café-Racer-style. The New is more dynamic than the Former and more comfortable than the Latter. To betulich whom the Bonnie T is 120, the Thruxton with its sporty, busy Seating arrangement but to the extreme, the men from Hinckley set the Speed Twin to the heart.

    From pipes penetrates the original Rock ’n’ Roll to your ear

    The blooms at the sight of brushed aluminum parts, lovely round instruments, the traditional bellows and bar-end mirrors, hand-painted decorative lines. A Monza flip-up lid crowns the 14-litre fuel Tank, a surf Board flat Custom seat receives the buttocks, eye-catching wrought-parts of a real Otto of headlights. Made of sleek, tight-fitting tubes of the original Rock ’n’ Roll to the ear, generally just in volume, but by no means totgedämpft. So they ensnared nostalgic.

    Sober pondering contemporaries tried to grab the Triumph of the mind: an uncompromisingly modern driving prices behaviour on the one hand, by the Struggle on the other. According to the data sheet 217 km/h fast, in Thailand-made Speed Twin, comes at the end of February for 12 to 150 euros (plus costs) in the trade. Two color variants of silver/grey or Red/grey as an Alternative to the Standard Black costs 300 Euro more. The rates with which the British Retro-powers such as BMW and Kawasaki to keep the fist under the nose. You also want to have a best-seller like the R Nine T or Z 900 RS, the storming the Charts high.

    spoke wheels and “old school” and lighter 17-inch cast aluminum wheels

    equipment to do it. The Speed Twin is upright and relaxed, but not too defensive Seating position, intuitive conducting, very easy. The seat height 807 mm is happy, who has no height. Pulling power in almost any situation, the British are Pounding and playful agility characterize the driving experience. Compared to the sister model, the Thruxton is according to the manufacturer, approximately 20 pounds of reduced weight (214 pounds with a full tank) has to be profitable. To increase the handiness and precision, the developers decided against spoked wheels and “old school” and lighter 17-inch cast aluminum wheels. The be purchased from the factory with tires of the ambitious sporty variety, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III. This is all well and good, just for everyday life or a cool, damp conditions, like on our first test drive ruled, this Tire is a bit much diablo.