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In Disney World , the story more beautiful is the Suns, pure fantasy in a magic room. In this atypical NBA , without people, without dances and a little folklore, a team that no one had bursts of amazing way and hogging all the headlines. It is not for less. is Phoenix , who reached the final stage as a supernumerary, it is the only set that knows no defeat, and, with his magnificent seven of seven (its best streak since December 2014), dreams of getting into the playoffs, that would be the equivalent of a title coming from where he came from.

Sends Ricky Rubio in Phoenix, pilot of the franchise, but it amazes especially in these days of illusion Devin Booker, who presents some issues of All Star and it goes beyond the 30 points every night. “We’re hungry and we know that our options are pass through to end 8-0 and that the rest of the teams lose, so that is our goal, party to party, trying to go out and win every night,” said Rubio, a few days ago when the goal was a chimera. Yesterday, his team won the Sixers (130-117) and the Catalan contributed 16 points and 10 assists.

real Options

In this way, the Suns stack accounts and already know what needs to happen to produce the miracle. Are (33 wins and 39 losses) and ahead are the Grizzlies (33-39) and the Blazers (34-39), so the options of Phoenix go through to beat the Mavericks and wait for Portland and Memphis to skate. End up as well in the ninth square and would have to play a “play-in” against the eighth ( kind of promotion) in which they would have to win two games before his opponent wins one. Difficult, very much, but it is not impossible.

There is a special chemistry on the Suns in the bubble of Disney World and is palpable on the pitch. To work base, the whole of Arizona, directed by Monty Williams , has polished many of the defects that were lying in the tail of the platoon, the result of excessive youth. There are withs of spare as for the franchise to grow and be able to fight in the future, but no one expected the progression to be so fast and that the outbreak came this same year.

“it Has been a transition from one season to another and that has helped the growth. Also the start winning and the time go rolled, it helps a lot and we know that we cannot fail, we have to win all the matches and even so, we have to wait for some result of some of the teams we favor. So we have our work to do and we will try to win what’s left”, says Rubio, who averages this course 13.1 points per game 8.7 assists and 4.7 rebounds.

Paternity and coronavirus

The spaniard is already a player very respected in the NBA, authoritative voice and probably the most reflective of the Suns. His life, full of emotions, has taken a turn since father and speak with maturity, but it has always gone left. Gave positive for coronavirus while preparing for this final phase of the season and not give the impression that drag symptoms.

“In the trainings we had already seen a lot of players were attached to a step forward. During the season we had some injuries did not let us pick up a lot of pace. And it is difficult, especially in a season when you’re a young team and don’t have the experience, but we were looking forward, with the illusion that he has nothing to lose and we are there.” Very close, but still very far away.

seen as Seen, it is more feasible that they are the Grizzlies the who click, since Portland has a wonderful Damian Lillard, author of 61 points against Dallas. It is the second player in history, after Chamberlain, which has three games with 60 points or more in the same year.

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