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The situation is very complex. is Ricardinho , the big star of the Movistar Inter and National Football League Hall (LNFS) in the last years, is preparing with his club for the playoff express by the title while still throwing darts against their leaders. Several days ago, the Portuguese admitted he would prefer not to play this tournament, but at the time pointed out that if he had to do so he would comply. And in the appointment of Malaga will be, if there are no surprises, one of the great strengths of the set in madrid, while its future from the 1 of July in Paris. is More complex, impossible .

Ricardinho, who at the beginning of the season revealed that at the end of the course move to the French league, has complained on several occasions of the course “vacuum” that has made him the club since he announced it, which is amplified even more during the confinement by the coronavirus, in addition to openly criticize the ERTE applied by the madrid club. A few statements caused the reaction of the owner of the team, the journalist José María García, who said in the pages of ‘Ball’ that the complaints of the Portuguese did not respond to the truth.

The star interest, in turn, responded to the pattern of the club by warning that a “90 percent” of what he had said in the Portuguese newspaper was a lie, and delaying the response complete to the day you finish your contract, June 30. On the same day you could play with Inter to the end of the league…

however, after a few days of silence on this “war” with his club, Ricardinho returned to take the word in the social networks to pull a new dart to the highest spheres of the Movistar Inter .

you Can try to hide, not publicarme or even try to get myself a liar, but the recognition of the people can’t remove… because it is pure, sincere and honest… thank you sport. Thanks-a-side football”, wrote the Portuguese along with a photo in which she appears posing with exmadridistas Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos.