This is bovenarms between the players of Napoli and president Aurelio De Laurentiis. The latter had, after the defeat in the Serie A against AS Roma have been ordered and that He Will and his teammates on the private balcony. But that is not to the liking of the player base.

This played in Tuesday’s 1-1 draw against RB Salzburg in the Champions League, and after four days, and marked the second in the group and also a first division soccer team KRC Genk. In the competition, however, there is still a problem for the Partenopei, which is, after eleven days until the seventh, and the title is already in their bodies, can write with a gap of eleven points to the leader Juventus.

After the 2-1 defeat in Rome, and has served as chairman of The Laurentiis full. To the judges, but it’s mostly on the players. The eccentric Italian decided to take a group of coach Carlo Such as, on ‘ritiro’ to send, in isolation so-so. A well-known measure for the Italian clubs in crisis, but not for the purpose of the veteran coach.

“It was a decision made by the club, and we have to accept it”, they said earlier in the week and out of the mouth of Such as. “But if you’re asking whether or not I agree with you, and I say no.”


After the draw against Salzburg seemed to be the situation to escalate. Such as they had with the media, to talk to, and was not even showing up to mandatory press conferences. Furthermore, no subject person in the situation. The players were then assigned to Edoardo De Laurentiis, the son of a, you know, that they can’t get on the bus in the direction of separation would be the steps.

“We’re going to go back to my house and tell that to your father”, and the message of the captain Lorenzo, a Badge, according to the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica. The president, himself, in the meantime, the San Paolo to leave, and he saw his players not to revolt by car to their homes, back to Dries Mertens was the first in the stadium only left in the bus. Funnily enough, traveled the Such as the trainingstaf to Castelvolturno, where the ‘ritiro’ took place.

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This can, anyway, with a fine from UEFA due to the lack of Such a player, Fernando Llorente in a press conference. It is a preliminary guess, or The Laurentiis self-organisation wants to take action against the players. According to Sky Italia, several players have been represented by a lawyer is consulted to defend itself against possible sanctions by the club.

in Order for the pieces to be glued, turned, Will, and co. woensdagvoormiddag still have to go back to the Castelvolturno. There should be a discussion to have occurred, after which the players been trained in and had lunch, before back to home. In the meantime, the Italian press is rumor sprung up that Such as have the fear of his job. Continued on next page…

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