Sarah Sjöström laughs out loud, as she looks up that number with six zeros in bold at the end of a statement, which was presented by the creators of the International Swimming League (ISL). Sjöström is your example. The ISL has been discussed in London with around 30 world class swimmers, a new professional League. To identify what value you have as a main cast member of those performances that organisations such as the world governing body Fina and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) bring in billions, count them in detail.

With expected revenue of seven billion dollars by the Tokyo 2020 someone like Sarah Sjöström, Sweden’s Olympic champion could be in the form of rewards for participation, and each reached the finals, prize money for erschwommenes Gold, silver, Bronze and a fourth place on six million dollars. Provided that all of the swimmers core sports in the characters of the five rings – would be involved with 50 percent. It would be the six-hundred-fold of what had to Sjöström for these services to Rio 2016 is actually in the bag.

50 percent. It was heard in London. This is the proportion of the ISL promises to the swimmers and Teams that compete in this professional League against each other. Also of Pro-rata premiums for Junior clubs, and compensation payments to professional teams, as provided by the Fifa about the club’s world Cup players, was in these days full of future concepts. All the heard the best swimmer in the world and were amazed. And while they were shown in the Workshops in black and white, which should be entitled, it went between the presentations, especially the question of how they could make claims against the world swimming Association (Fina), thanks to the float of about $ 100 million in the year to occupy, but not even ten percent, only a few swimmers.