The United States recorded in the year 2018, the biggest increase in eight years, the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). This is the preliminary result of an on Tuesday (local time) published estimate of the New York-based analyst company Rhodium Group.

according to The study, the emissions increased by 3.4 percent. According to the researchers, this is the second-largest increase since more than two decades. The fight against the consequences of climate change, in which the American President Donald Trump doubts a influence by the people, is not likely to be due to the development of the world’s largest economy easier.

the experts at The Rhodium Group to see the significant increase, especially in the booming American economy and not in politics Trumps, and the government has already taken some measures to reduce climate gases undo. The researchers point out that in the past year, a record number of coal-fired power plants was shut down. Nevertheless, the CO2 emissions of the energy sector rose significantly. In addition, the industry blew up in America as a result of higher production in a number of areas, significantly more exhaust fumes in the air.

Trump’s a completely different line

tracks the Largest source of emissions is according to the study, but for the third year in a row in the transport sector. Although the car emissions have declined, but emissions by aircraft and load are defined for the car because of the thriving economy. Compared with 2005, the United States have reduced their carbon dioxide emissions, the researchers to the still by around eleven percent. However, the strongest annual increase since 2010, coming back from the recession, could now mark a longer term trend reversal.

From 2007 to 2015 American made core analysis indicates that the greatest progress – the emissions in this period to twelve percent. Here, the temporarily weak economy have played an important role, so the Rhodium Group. However, the strong change in the energy Mix was crucial. The government of Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama had initiated a turn away from coal and towards natural gas, Wind and solar energy.