The announcement was awaited by many retirees from the private sector. This week, the press echoed it: the 13 million supplementary pensions will be revalued on November 1.

Agirc-Arrco estimates this increase between 4.9% and 5.2%. A final decision will be made on October 6. A priori, the increase should reach around 5% and that’s a good surprise, because it’s almost the level of inflation”, commented journalist Julien Bigard, on the set of France 3 Thursday, September 22.

This measure comes a few months after the government’s decision to increase the pensions of the basic scheme by 4%, effective retroactively since July 1, 2022.

More euros on the account of pensioners who are not too many, while inflation is reaching peaks.

The payment of supplementary pensions costs Agirc-Arrco nearly 84 billion euros each year. This revaluation should add an additional 4.2 billion on the slate, estimates the Parisian.

The supplementary pension is the second pillar of the system in France. It is used to supplement the pensions, often too meager, paid by the State. “The supplementary pension schemes were created in 1947 due to the inadequacy of the pensions provided by the general scheme. As with the basic schemes, affiliation and the payment of contributions have been compulsory since 1972”, specifies the Public Service website.

There are two supplementary pension funds in France:

These organizations pay retirees a supplementary pension, calculated on the basis of a points system.

“The contributions deducted each month from your salary for the supplementary schemes are converted into points, by dividing the amount of the contributions by the purchase price of the point which changes each year”, explains the site La Retraite en Clair.

In summary, the calculation is as follows:

Gross annual amount of the additional pensioner = number of points acquired X value of the point.

“In 2020, the average pension for all schemes of retirees with direct rights to Agirc-Arrco is €1,474 per month, and the Agirc-Arrco pension represents a third of the total pension, i.e. €491”, specifies the site. of the organism.

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