Revaluation of pensions this summer: the amount finally known


The 16 million French retirees will see their basic retirement pension increase. And this, from July 1, 2022, “taking into account prices”. This is to offset the harmful effects of inflation (5.2% last May according to INSEE over 12 rolling months).

“Given the prices, the situation is being confirmed, the war will last, I think that we must index the pensions of our elders from this summer because there is already inflation”, had indicated the president of the Republic on April 6, on TF1.

The Minister of Labor, Olivier Duspot, for his part, recently declared on RTL: “We would like this indexation to inflation to be valid for pensions for the month of July. Within the framework of the general scheme, the pension for the month of July is paid on August 9.”

How much could this increase represent, monthly?

The revaluation of basic retirement pensions should be around 45 to 50 euros per month for a pension of 1,200 euros, reports the Internet user. Retirees receiving less than 1,200 euros in basic retirement pension will see an increase of less than 45 euros. This amounts to an exceptional revaluation rate of 4%. However, it is not yet official.

The unions, however, want an increase of around 4.5%, i.e. an increase of 54 euros. As a reminder, this increase in pensions should be part of the purchasing power bill carried by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.