Thing promised, thing due. During the last presidential campaign, the Head of State, who was then seeking re-election, made a commitment to the French men and women to increase the value of retirement pensions. The latter, plagued by inflation against which retirees generally have more difficulty in fighting than assets, did not progress fast enough to be able to preserve the insured. At the time, as Planet was able to explain, the Elysée ensured that the increase in remuneration would occur in the summer. Since then, it has to be said that things have taken a bit of a delay and that summer is slowly coming to an end. However, this does not mean that Emmanuel Macron will not keep his promise.

Retirement pensions will be revalued from Friday 9 January 2022. It is on this date that the remuneration due for the month of August of the same year will be paid. But, to be sure to be unbeatable about this revaluation, Planet decided to solicit Philippe Crevel, economist, founder of the consulting company Lorello Ecodata and director of the Cercle de l’Epargne, specializing in the question of pensions. What you must remember.

“Retirement pensions will increase by 4% from July 1, 2022, which means that the payment of September 9, 2022 will be retroactive. Be careful, however, not to make the mistake that is regularly found in the press: the average gain will not be 60 euros per month. The calculation is most often based on the overall average pension, but only that from the general scheme should be taken into account. Count 48 euros per month, approximately, on average”, summarizes the expert from the outset. Since two months are concerned, the amount should therefore be around 100 euros. “For a manager, it will be proportionally lower, since their retirement is made up of 60% of supplementary pension”, he underlines again.

“INSEE, in its latest estimates, puts annual inflation in France at around 6.5% for 2022. Currently, two pension increases have taken place in 2023. The first, of 1.1%, was acted in January. The second, of 4%, will be on September 9. However, you can’t add these two values, that’s not how percentages work! A quick calculation makes it possible to identify the increase in pensions, which should be around 5.5% at the end of the year. Either a little less than inflation”, further informs the expert, for whom the device appears “Globally effective”.

“The next revaluation of retirement pensions is scheduled for January 2023”, continues Philippe Crevel, who recalls that the terms will then be discussed at the time of the parliamentary debate on the Social Security financing law. “We will know more in a few weeks,” he adds.

Retirement pensions, let us remember once again, will not all be revalued. “Only those from the general scheme will actually be inflated on September 9. Supplements are excluded. That being said, a whole series of social benefits have also benefited from the revaluation, since July 1st. This is the case for the activity bonus, the active solidarity income, the disabled adult allowance, the PAJE…”, quotes the expert.

“The revaluation is automatic and, in the context of pensions, this is partly what explains this delay. It was necessary to multiply the computer adjustments to ensure that there would be no problem and to check everything before the application of the increase”, underlines the economist, who also recalls that it is at the fund of pension on which the insured concerned depends that it is up to him to take charge of the operation. “Generally, it is the Cnav, but it can also be the state pension service or the craftsmen’s fund, for example. It is with them that we will have to turn in the event of a problem”, he concludes.