We no longer know where to turn. If summer officially ends next week, the good weather has played overtime in recent days, with temperatures above 30°C in a large part of France. If you have put your sweaters in the closet, remember to take them out before Saturday morning, because the weather will change completely in the next few hours.

According to Météo France forecasts, it will be cool at the start of the weekend, since the thermometer will not exceed 11°C in the northern half on Saturday morning and 16°C in the southern half. To give you an idea of ​​what awaits you, it will be only 9°C in Paris and Nantes, 12°C in Bordeaux, 10°C in Strasbourg, 8°C in Tours, 6°C in Aurillac… Temperatures worthy of of winter.

Will you be forced to turn on your heating this weekend to cope with the drop in temperatures? Generally, the French do not start their radiators before the beginning of October and turn them off around April. It all depends of course on the weather outside and this sudden cooling could push some people to take the plunge earlier than expected… As La Chaîne Météo explains, “turning on the heating is recommended when the indoor temperature falls below 19°C for several consecutive days and the thermal indicator (average outdoor temperature) reaches 17°C”.

According to the calculations of the specialized site, “the thermal indicator will drop to 13.9°C from this Saturday and remain between 2 and 3°C below normal at least until Friday September 23”. “The situation will therefore be conducive to restarting your boiler”, conclude the experts. If you find that the indoor temperature has dropped below 19°C at home, you can turn on your radiators without feeling guilty. If, on the other hand, it remains at more than 19°C, avoid switching on the heating now, in order to save energy, which is very significant these days…