It’s hard to know how much you’ll get when you retire without taking the time to do some math. The amount to which everyone can claim varies considerably according to certain criteria, as Planet recently reminded us. The starting age is one of the best known and best identified among French women and men, but it is far from being the only one. We must also talk about the average annual salary (SAM), on which the calculation of the administration will be based to identify the reality of the pension which will be paid, but also the number of quarters displayed by the future insured at the time of his liquidation of rights. This should be automatically raised after the pension reform that Emmanuel Macron aims to achieve…

Very specifically, as the French administration was able to specify on the public service website, the calculation formula used is as follows: “Average annual income x Pension rate x (Duration of employee insurance under the general scheme limited to the maximum duration of insurance according to the year of birth / Duration of insurance to obtain a full pension)”. As a reminder, the duration of insurance to obtain a full pension corresponds to the number of quarters contributed or assimilated and varies from one generation to another. For an individual born in 1960, therefore entitled to demand the liquidation of his rights in 2022, this number is set at 167 quarters.

So what fate awaits the one who only got 135?

Unfortunately for workers who have not obtained their 167 quarters, it will be necessary to deal with a reduction in their pension. If, however, they decide to leave as is rather than continue to work, of course.

Each missing quarter entails, de facto, a reduction of 1.25% of the total pension. For 135 quarters, this therefore represents a difference of 32 quarters… Which should theoretically result in a shortfall of 40%. Fortunately, a penalty cannot exceed a quarter of the amount of the pension, due to the different protection mechanisms for French women and men. In addition, when the pension is too low, it is possible to apply for ASPA, from the age of 65.