Retirement: the 3 ways to use the life annuity to inflate your pension


The life annuity, an increasingly popular product? A significant number of property owners have discovered the virtues of this method of marketing, reports the online bank Boursorama on its information site, which takes up an article from the specialized newspaper Le Revenu. And for good reason ! According to the 2022 Renée Costes barometer, the market is up 6% over one year. All in all, this represents 5,500 owners in 2021. Did they make the right choice? One thing is certain: the life annuity is often an opportunity to improve your purchasing power.

Especially once retired. Provided, of course, that you know how to go about it and use this effective tool correctly! More information about this in our slideshow that you will find at the end of this article.

On average, French men and women who have opted for a life annuity sale have recovered around 27,000 euros, according to the barometer mentioned above, carried out by a “historical specialist” in the sector. The market, continue our colleagues, is “boosted by the new needs of retirees”, but also by the advent of various options newly offered to buyers and sellers.

The latter also anticipate an increase in their income following the operation. For 34% of them, it is even the main objective. It remains to be seen, then, what to do with the amount obtained! A significant proportion of them (20%) increase their leisure budget while some prefer to protect their spouse with the help of a joint life annuity (11%). That’s what there is to do! Since on average, revenues are increasing by 53% per month.