Retirement is a stage, if not the capital stage in life. Synonymous with well-deserved rest for some, forced isolation for others, the cessation of activity must be well prepared. And for good reason ! No future policyholder is immune to malfunctions on the part of pension funds, all the more so at a time when delays in the processing of files are constantly accumulating.

According to information from RMC, more than 20,000 people waited one or even several months to receive their pension at the time of retirement between January 1 and October 31, 2022. A painful observation, even harmful for people the most precarious, but far from new. “The number of files concerned has increased by 5.26% in one year”, specify our colleagues.

According to the National Old Age Insurance Fund, which wants to be reassuring, this phenomenon would only affect 2 to 3% of new retirees. “This figure could be underestimated”, comments RMC.

For his part, Grégory Langlet, CFDT representative at the Pays de la Loire Social Security, estimates that one file in five is not paid, or not paid just right. “There are more and more retirement files and we have, opposite, social security staff who are not replaced. There is another difficulty that arises with computer tools in general because we do not invest not”, articulates the latter to the media.

If it is difficult to prevent the logistics problems of pension funds, you can, at your level, limit the risks of seeing the payment of your pension drag on. In our slideshow below, discover 5 tips to increase your chances of having your file validated on time.