Retirees have something to rub their hands on. And for good reason ! They should soon benefit from a significant increase in their pension, promised by the president-candidate when he was only campaigning for his re-election. Since then, observes Ouest-France on its site, the Prime Minister has had the opportunity to return in more detail to the commitment of the Head of State. Elisabeth Borne declared, in fact, last June, that the income of retirees would be increased by 4% in July. Very concretely, this therefore means that the increase will be perceptible in August, due to the delays in terms of payments.

That being said, it is clear that the principle of revaluation raises certain questions. If the amount of retirement pension is likely to change, can other types of revision take place? Should we sometimes fear a reduction in our retirement pension? More information about this in our slideshow, which you will find at the end of this article.

The revaluation promised by the head of government concerns basic pensions, recalls the press title after having had confirmation directly from the office of the Secretary of State in charge of Pensions and Occupational Health. “The revaluations which are usually carried out on January 1 of each year relate to the basic schemes and the integrated schemes (the scheme for civil servants in particular) for which there is no supplementary pension”, thus indicated the government teams. . This is explained by the fact that it is not up to the government to manage supplementary pensions.