Tick ​​tock, tick tock, tick tock… Is your retirement fast approaching? After taking care to properly prepare your retirement file, estimate your pension and scrutinize any errors via your career statement (RIS) to optimize your future income, it’s time to think about how to say goodbye to your colleagues. Have you ever thought about the formula or catchphrase you will use? Some people prefer to use humor, and others messages of friendship. To choose the right tone, think about writing a text that looks like you, and that sticks to your personality. Poem, joke, photo illustration… or very professional email: let your imagination run wild to make an impression. Your colleagues will keep a good memory of it.

You don’t like frills and don’t have a particularly good relationship with your colleagues? A cordial, brief and professional departure message could then be the right option.

Dear collaborators,

After a few years with the company, I am announcing my retirement (day and date). To end our collaboration in a friendly way, I suggest that you meet, for those who wish, in the meeting room, not to discuss the progress of the projects, but to toast.

Hope to see you there,

Thank you for your cooperation, and good luck to all.

If you have the soul of a humorist or a dreamer, other messages here might be suitable for you.

Do you love travel and metaphors? Why not take inspiration from it to write your outgoing email? Here is an example.

Dear sailors,

The time to cast off the moorings has finally arrived. The long journey of professional life is over for me. This is why the old sailor that I am is leaving your ship for a pretty sailboat, where you can take it easy, letting yourself be carried away by the waves of the ocean.

However, my advanced age will not prevent me from discovering new islands and other continents. I’m going to sail to new adventures, which will consist of taking care of my teammates and myself.

In my luggage, I keep my memories with you, and hope to create new ones during my leaving drink, where the captain that I am will be honored on (specify date and time).

Don’t be late, the tide will prevent you from boarding.

Do you prefer humor? This third text may then be for you.

Are you the person in the company who always likes to laugh and crack jokes? Your starting message must then live up to your reputation. Here is a text from which you can draw inspiration, adapting it to your liking.

My dear colleagues / Dear all,

Some thirsty young wolves hungry for ambition will rejoice, and other felines, having already drunk and sated, will be nostalgic. The old lion / lioness finally leaves the savannah, to reach a haven of peace (it seems), called retirement.

I would think of you every morning, for no longer needing to hunt, I would strut about in my bed until noon, then enjoy my garden, during your long working hours. To pass the hand (or the crown ), I invite you to a feast on such a date.

Thank you all,