Have you heard of the minimum old age? This system, which no longer exists under this name today, allowed the most vulnerable retirees to benefit from a significant financial boost. Its exact amount potentially varied considerably from one beneficiary to another… since it was a question of bringing its remuneration to a common ceiling. From now on, informs the French administration on the public service site, the minimum old age has been replaced by the Solidarity allowance for the elderly, also called Aspa. It is obviously quite unknown to French men and women… since half of the taxpayers who could claim it do not claim it.

But how to enjoy the Aspa, exactly?

Let us first recall, as the public service site further explains, that the Solidarity allowance for the elderly is reserved for retirees aged 65 or over, whose income is less than 916.78 euros monthly.

Once this has been established, it is important to specify that the allowance is not distributed automatically… which generates a loss of earnings of 205 euros per month on average for French men and women who do not think – or do not know – about ask for it. It is with the pension fund on which the insured depends that the request must be made, which will have three months to assess the resources and send its response.

It should also be remembered that the aid from which the beneficiaries may benefit does not strictly speaking count in the calculation of income. The APL, the personalized autonomy allowance or the disability compensation benefit are not included in the total, for example.